Bonito Falcon Royal 36 Project


Bonito Falcon Royale 36 with 4ft transom extension for surface drive shafts. Shafts are splines.

The boat is 75% completed. The previous owner bought the boat back in 1988 with a view to restore her. Work to the boat stopped in 1999 and she has been sat ever since.The Bonito is fitted with two Magnum 300 Mitsubishi diesels with only 16hrs from new on original clocks. The two engines are two serial numbers apart and have only covered 74 miles! Mounted to PRM 601 gearboxes with aqua drive couplings to surface drive spline shafts. We believe it is one of only two falcons made with surface drives with diesels. New long range fuel tanks fitted. We have all of the required parts to finish the engines. The cabin has been partially refurbished with new teak floors and new headlining. Boat is in the original build cradle. The engines are free and can be turned over.

Contact Harvey on 01395 227 914 or for further details