At our premises we have our workshop and our in house chandlery for engineering spares, parts and accessories.

We have an extensive range of products on offer for the jobs you need to do on your vessel.

We stock various spark plugs, impellers, gaskets, oils, batteries and filters to name a few items. We aim to supply the parts you’ll need but without waiting for it to be delivered from an internet order. We are adding to the lines we carry frequently and stocking the items customers want.


We are the UK agents for Swaymar V8 Engines.



We sell Michigan Wheel Outboards & Sterndrive Propellers and Sonic & Hydrodrive propulsion Systems.



In addition to this, we also provide plenty of used stock. Check out our used parts and spares page for some of the various parts and spares we have in stock.

We stock hundreds of stainless steel fixings, screws, nuts and bolts. You never have to worry about shopping for these crucial fixings again as we are your local stockist.


We aim to cover all areas from electrical to plumbing to boat maintenance. If we don’t have it in stock, we can source it and order it for you.

This is all in addition to the major brand jet skis and engines that we sell.


We also stock a number of used parts and spares within our shop. For more information please don't hesitate to give us a call.