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3 Ways Boats Can Save Your Marriage

Marriage on the rocks? Read on to see how boats can actually save your life 😆

1. A Shared Hobby

What better way to heal your marriage? Boat together! Reinvigorate your marriage through spending time together out on the open water. Not only will this provide you with something to talk about, it will also force you to confront your problems head on. Where better to argue than out at sea? If you don't really like your partner, a shared hobby you both enjoy can condition you to like them by association. A win-win!

2. Create Some Distance

Conversely, if a shared hobby is not your thing, boating can provide some all important distance. Finding that you and your partner are getting on each others nerves? Leave - go boating! A time to relax and think about something else. What is better than 'out of sight, out of mind'? Heal your broken relationship by pretending its not broken. Some boundaries can be good for healthy relationships!

3. Peaceful, Romantic Water

Being on the water creates the perfect peaceful atmosphere. Science tells us that the water makes us feel calmer so even if you are alone on the water, you can have a renewed state of mind. Even better than that, if your partner joins you out on the water you can both feel the sense of peace and move on from your problems. Who knows what could happen when using the sea to your advantage?!

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(Disclaimer: This blog post is a light-hearted joke. We are not qualified to give relationship advice!)