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Huntsman Restoration - The Beginning

Our most recent restoration, the Huntsman has a great story to tell...

Pepperbox (above), was built in Southampton for the 1969 boat show and was showcased as 'show boat of the year'. It was first built with two turbo-charged Perkins Engines but came to us installed with two Mermaid 210 HP engines. As you can see, Pepperbox was in very poor condition with this being shown specifically in the framework. At it's prime, the Huntsman was described as the world's fastest diesel cruiser under 30ft but we imagine this was quickly overtaken! Our aim on this project is to restore Pepperbox to it's former glory.

Getting the boat back

Logically, this was our first step. Pepperbox was based in Eastbourne, around four hours away from our base here in Devon. We sent one of our engineers to collect and tow the boat down. We are happy to say the journey went smoothly and Pepperbox arrived here safe and well, as did our engineer!

Once they were back here, we took the boat to a local yard and set it up in preparation for our work. This included waterproofing and creating a clean and usable space. However, this part wasn't all smooth sailing! Our waterproofing process took place at the height of winter on what was a lovely dry day. We knew of a storm coming our way so made sure to tighten our defences.

In the morning we woke to hear news of our defences failing. It appeared that the storm was too strong and overcame our protective measures. Luckily the boat suffered no damage and we were able to move on quickly with our plans.

Formulating our plan

Our next step, once the boat was safe and secure, was to formulate our action plan. We spoke at length with our client to hear what they wished for Pepperbox to become and to hear any particular details they had in mind. As marine engineers, we offered our advice and recommendations on fixings, engines and the body work to make sure we both knew our expectations and how to work towards them.

From looking at Pepperbox alone we knew we were in for a challenge but, at JJB Marine Specialists, we love a challenge.

To create our plan, we made a list of everything that we needed to do from engine work to bodywork, nothing is to small for the list! We then prioritised - deciding which parts to do first and in what order was imperative for a smooth project. From our list, we then knew how to move forwards and what we needed in order to do that - so we set about ordering our parts ready for the next stage.

This concludes the beginning part of our journey to restoring the Huntsman to it's former glory!

Keep a close eye on our blog posts to see the following parts to this project!

At JJB Marine Specialists, we take great pride in our restoration projects; if you are interested in restoring your boat please don't hesitate to get in touch!